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Why do I need vents or more vents adding to my house?

Vents are a very important part of the roofing system, they allow the attic space to release warm air during the summer and cold air during the winter so that condensation doesn’t form. When we measure the roof it indicates to us the correct number of vents required, often newer homes have the bare minimum number of vents and sometimes the wrong kind of vents for bathrooms.

What is tar/felt paper?

Felt/tar paper is an asphalt saturated paper product. It’s not waterproof but very water resistant. Its purpose is to provide extra protection on lower pitched roofs or eaves protection on steeper roofs.

What is ice and water shield?

Ice and water shield is an asphalt product that has a sticky backing on it. It is applied to areas of the roof that need extra protection. The ice and water shield seals around the nails that penetrate it, this product gives superior protection, as it’s more like a rubber membrane underneath the shingles. It is typically only used at the roof edge, valleys, skylights and chimneys because of the cost.

Can I install new shingles on top of old ones?

You can install a second layer of shingles, but we don’t recommend it. It voids the warranty on your new roof and decreases the life expectancy too. Homes with 2 layers of shingles tend to need more plywood replacement due to rot when re-roofing at a later date.

Why is my quote different to my neighbours but our houses are a similar size inside?

There are several factors which determine the cost of a job. The pitch of the roof will make the biggest difference, it will probably cost more as it will need more material and it’s much slower for the roofers because of the danger involved in moving around on the steeper pitch.

Other things which affect price are:

Length of valleys
Access to the roof
Type of roof decking (plywood or pine board)
Amount of property protection required

What are Chimney and wall flashings and do they need to be replaced?

Flashings protect the intersections between brick and shingles. The metal flashing directs water that’s running down a brick wall onto the shingled slope below. The wall flashing also hides the “step flashings” so it’s also partially a cosmetic flashing. Wall flashings don’t always have to be replaced. They can often be re-used but many people choose to replace them as they tend to fade over time. They are the last component to be installed so they do not have to be replaced at the same time as the shingles.

What is drip edge and what does it do?

Drip edge is used at the edge of the roof near the eaves trough. It’s designed to support the shingle and direct the water into the trough. It also helps prevent ice from pushing back underneath the shingles during the wintertime. It can also help prevent small animals from entering the attic space, especially squirrels.

Do you use nails or staples?

We use roofing nails that are 1¼” long. Most installers use pneumatic air guns some use roofing hammers. Sometimes ice and water shield or felt paper is installed with staples as they are just being held in place until the shingles are installed.

What is the difference between a curb mount and a deck mount skylight?

Deck mounted skylights are attached to the roof decking (plywood or pine boards). It’s often best to replace this type of skylight at the same time as the shingles because the flashing kit needs to be installed with the shingles.
Curb mounted skylight are attached to a frame (typically made from 2×4’s) that is attached to the roof deck. If the flashing that surrounds the frame is in good condition the skylight can be replaced at a later date if required.

Skylight info

We install both Velux & Columbia skylights. We recommend changing skylights when the roof is replaced as it’s the perfect time and cheaper since there is a crew already on site. We also suggest changing any acrylic dome skylights to flat glass versions as they are less problematic.

Green roofing options

GAF Timberline Cool Series are energy saving shingles. Cool Series shingles save homeowners on average between 7 & 15% on their cooling costs by reflecting more heat than conventional shingles.

Roofing Garbage

When we remove your old shingles they are disposed of at a facility that recycles them and the materials are reused.