Satellite Measurements for Roof Repair Quotations

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Satellite Measurements

Some projects have very steep roofs, which are dangerous for the estimator to be up on to measure, and lots of newer homes have very challenging designs to measure correctly. When we come across these types of roofs
Satellite Measurements for Roof Repairwe use special software to double check and confirm sizes and important measurements, which we need in order to price the project correctly. We don’t simply guess.

For the homeowner this ensures you are paying for the right amount of material, labour and disposal involved. We still need to take an up close and personal look at the roof to determine other factors before commencing work, but we know that the material list is accurate.

More about Satellite Measurements

Below is an example of a satellite imaging report with the breakdown of roof pitches and sizes required to determine the amount of material needed.

Aerial Roof Dimensions
123 Anywhere street, Anycity, Ontario

front-viewBack View

Slope of Roof A Left and Right Sides are 28 degrees or (6.4 inches over 12)
Slope of Roof A Front and Back Slopes are 32 degrees or (7.5 inches over 12)
Slope of Roof B Garage is 24 degrees or (5.3 inches over 12)

TOTAL AREA = 2349 sq. ft. (see below).
satellite imaging report