Wildlife Roof Protection Done Right!

We see first hand the damage that wildlife can do to roofs. We know the areas they try to get in and we offer installation of custom made hardware as well as the installation of ready made heavy duty protective vent covers to help keep them out. These options are great for deterring raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks and birds from entering your home.

What We Offer

We offer total roof inspections giving details about the quality of the installation and the life expectancy of the installed product. Perfect for customers purchasing a pre-owned home.

Our Winter Package

Our winter tune up package is a favorite coming into the colder months. We will inspect and repair minor problems to get you through the winter if you wish to delay major work till the following year.

Wildlife Roof Protection

Want to freshen up the look of your home? We can replace wall and chimney flashings at any time. They will become maintenance free with aluminum metal work. No more painting wall flashings required.

Do you have an area of the house that doesnt get much sunlight? It might be a perfect spot for a sun tunnel or skylight. These options add value to your home, decrease your energy costs and allow you to enjoy natural light.

Why Choose us?

We are experts with a caulking gun, we can re-caulk flashings of any kind as well as replace caulking around doors and windows.

Are your eaves troughs full of leaves and debris? We can also help with cleaning them out to ensure that they don’t overflow and cause all kinds of problems, e.g. Basement floods.

Have a small project like a shed thats needs a new roof or just a minor repair you need doing on the house? We can help with those as well.